This is the start of your new body. We have developed the most effective training & food coaching for overall conditioning and strength. We know it because we see it.


  • Active Jiu-Jitsu competitor
  • Personal Trainer
  • Nutrition Coach
  • Training For Warriors Certified
  • Over 17 years Experience


  • IFBB Bikini Pro
  • Personal Trainer
  • Nutrition Coach
  • Training For Warriors Certified
  • Over 7 Years Experience


  • Dog
  • Good Companion
  • Loves Eggs
  • Smells like Fritos
  • Lazy but loyal


Who Are We?

WE ARE Transformation Specialists. Most clients lose 15-30 lbs of body fat and gain 5-10 lbs of muscle with our 12-16 week programs.
WE ARE accomplished strength & conditioning coaches, with over 22 years of experience working with a variety of amateur and professional athletes. Ethan is a contributor to Men’s Health Magazine.
WE ARE Nutrition Coaches. We know the science behind food and how to eat for fat-loss and muscle gain.
WE ARE All-Natural Physique Competitors, Fitness Models, and Competitive Athletes. We know competition prep and what it takes to take the stage or step in front of a camera.

Why Are We Different?

Our training is GOAL BASED. Workouts and nutrition plans are built around your specific goals.
Our training includes CONSTANT GUIDANCE. We are available via email, text, Facebook, or phone.
Our training works if you want to:
• jumpstart your metabolism
• transform your body
• lose fat and gain muscle
• get an athletic edge
• get a symmetrical & strong physique


  • Ethan and I worked one-on-one in the gym for nearly a year. His knowledge of plyometric training combined with traditional weight training helped me develop amazing core strength and balance. I had previously attempted to lose 10 pounds over several months by jogging and watching what I ate, but never realized the importance of weight training until working with Ethan. After only 6 months I lost over 10 pounds and my body fat percentage went from 20% to 11%!
    Laura Sanko Pro MMA Fighter
  • Liz does a great job of making you feel comfortable and pushing you further than you would yourself.  I loved the workouts that she put together for me, as they went beyond my normal routine and helped me to not only reach my own personal goals, but to set new ones. Thanks!
  • I enlisted Liz’s help in getting ready for my wedding. I wanted to look my best and she definitely helped me achieve. Workouts with her never got boring or repetitive as she was constantly changing things up. While she did help me focus on the certain areas I specified, I always felt like I was getting a full body workout because of the unique combinations she showed me. Her workouts are designed for maximum effectiveness. I had to get my dress taken in twice after 12 weeks with Liz!
    Ingrid Flaspohler
  • Ethan Benda is the best trainer I’ve worked with to date. He didn’t rely on a training formula – he got to know what drives my personality and makes me WANT to do the exercises, not just grudgingly go through the motions. Motivation and a commitment to following through are just as (if not more) valuable than the actual physical workout.
    Naomi Peters Actress, Professional Stunt Woman
  • Ethan Benda is one of the most professional and result oriented trainers I’ve come across in my 10 plus years of training experience. His excellent knowledge of Martial Arts is a definite asset to the design and implementation of any training regiment no matter the goals.
    Tim Crough Strength & Conditioning Specialist
  • [Liz] You are the best trainer I have ever had.  You are so conscientious and concerned about your client. It is wonderful.  I love the detail you put into your work outs and there is never a rush.  I feel at ease with your direction and style of training.  Thank you for working so hard for others.
  • I’ve enjoyed working with Liz. From the beginning she treated me with respect and empathized with my struggle to stay in shape. She doesn’t make me feel judged or bad about myself, and knows where I’m coming from. The workouts she has designed are great! Love the variety and her organized way of giving me the information
    Shawna Samuel Trozzolo Communications Group
  • The biggest “light bulb” was when we checked my body fat after only 3 weeks and I had lost 10 lbs of fat…down 3.5%. After that I could see the physical results and it pushed me even harder.
    John Sims
  • I knew from experience anybody skilled in an understanding of mixed martial arts and overall body strength would be exactly what I personally needed. Finding Ethan Benda and his style of training meshed together all the random and sporadic information gleaned from articles, books and instructional DVD’s into one coherent system of becoming more athletic, dynamic and explosive.
    Eric Awbrey Collegiate Wrestler
  • I am really pleased with the training I received from Liz.  She definitely pushed me to get the results I wanted.  Even when I was lacking motivation, she was there to really encourage me, and to give me a goal.
  • Ethan has been instrumental in helping me achieve my goals in a positive manner and to give me the tools to maintain what I have achieved. He did a great job of helping me learn new methods and techniques while always encouraging me to do my best.  Just when I thought I had reach a familiarity with a routine he always found a way to change it up and help me to improve my abilities.
  • I have trained with Ethan & Liz Benda for approximately 4 months and I am impressed with their training methods. They push me and encourage me to do my best. I have lost weight and inches and I feel great ! I am energized and actually look forward to our training each week.
    Dorrey Cowell
  • I followed Ethan's program and I was eating way more than I had ever eaten on a diet in my life and was peeling away fat by the day. The diet was all natural, no caffeine, no uppers, none of the garbage that many fighters feel they have to take in order to be successful. On the day of weighing in I was a healthy 145 pounds (while my opponent weighed in at 150 pounds after cutting 10 pounds of water weight in the sauna!!). My favorite part is the knowledge I gained about nutrition and my body and how I can continue these new eating habits that Ethan and Liz have shown me whether I am fighting or not. Thank you so much!
    Mollie Estes Professional MMA Fighter, TFW Coach
  • Having Ethan Benda as a personal trainer has been a great asset for me. With Ethan’s knowledge and encouragement, I’m well on my way to achieving my goal. If you’re looking for a Professional Trainer, I can highly recommend Ethan.
    Larry Osborn
  • Ethan is one of the most professional and knowledgeable trainers out there and most importantly he genuinely cares about your physical progress. Ethan is the “RealDeal” when it comes to your physical training needs and I highly recommend him!
    Zac Coffman
  • My husband and I started working with Ethan & Liz Benda in mid-April to help kick start our weight loss journey. They presented a meal plan that was realistic for everyday life. We started having weekly training sessions with Liz & Ethan & have been extremely pleased with the experience. Their workouts are intense, but keep us motivated. With their help, my husband & I have lost 37 pounds combined in a 2 month period. Not only are we noticing a difference on the scale, we have lost inches and have more energy. Ethan and Liz are motivators and life changers.
    Christy and Nathan Vanvickle
  • I am now in the best shape of my life as well as looking and feeling better than ever. I owe it all to Ethan for guiding me through this amazing journey. I would also have to thank his wife Liz for always being there with encouraging words and advice
    Joel Gordon All-Natural Bodybuilder
  • I’ve been working out my whole adult life and thought I was on the right track with my nutrition, but I’d been stalled at a frustrating plateau for almost a year. Ethan helped me out with a new approach to my food and workouts, and I’ve already seen noticeable progress in just a few weeks. I’m working out smarter, taking less time, and getting results I’ve never been able to achieve before.
    Derek D.
  • Growing up I was sick a lot with my asthma, often times having to go to the hospital because of it. As I got older my doctors started telling me to pick up my exercise as it would help strengthen my lungs. Thanks to Ethan and Liz Benda I feel stronger and healthier than I have in a long time. And this has really helped in terms of my asthma.
    Madison Cowell
  • In the 6 weeks of following his plan, I went from a size 8 to a 4  (for the first time in my life) and am continuing to make visible progress each week. We have worked together entirely through email, so I highly recommend his services no matter where you live!
    Courtney Cook Financial Planner

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